Cloud ERP Enables Growth

May 11, 20152

Fortunately for SMBs, cloud-based and ERP solutions have rapidly emerged as enablers of growth in the new marketplace. These solutions eliminate the principle barriers that keep companies from implementing more powerful ERP solutions while overcoming the limitations of point solutions such as QuickBooks. Companies looking to replace QuickBooks have multiple options, but increasingly emerging as the best are cloud-based alternatives. In contrast, on-premises solutions require that customers purchase a perpetual license, as well as the hardware to support the software upfront. On the other hand, the advantages of cloud-based and SaaS solutions are significant.

Whether the SMB is a job shop, custom make-to-order, or mixed-mode manufacturer, that serves a single industry or multiple complex (including highly regulated) industries—in whatever way the company accounts, costs, and manufactures—this on-demand, cloud-based system is flexible enough to support any discrete manufacturer’s needs. Modular in design, Epicor Cloud ERP offers scalability in implementation to enable growing businesses to expand functionality as needed without the overhead of functionality they may not be ready for initially.

Moving from a point solution such as QuickBooks to an integrated solution for today’s global marketplace is like moving from building things one at a time to the assembly line. Such moves are necessary, particularly in times where change is accelerating and often volatile, and the ability to respond to and anticipate change demands delivery of real-time data to the point of execution.

There used to be a serious capital barrier for small and mid-sized companies to adopt business systems; with the advent of the cloud, those barriers have been erased. Businesses failing to capitalize on this opportunity have only themselves to blame. The time for better and more responsive solutions is now. It is how we seize opportunity and move forward intelligently.

Read the white paper to find out how manufacturers still using the finance system of their company’s early days benefit by transitioning to today’s cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions.

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