Empowering small and mid-market manufacturers and distributors to manage their future growth

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RAM has been working with small and mid-sized businesses for over 35 years. We’ve seen a few things, and we know what works and what doesn’t. We are the go-to company for manufacturers and distributors who want to successfully grow their business.

Managing growth is one of the biggest challenges facing companies in today’s competitive marketplace. Hiring the right people, managing costs while maintaining an efficient and productive workforce, and upholding product and service quality that keep on-time delivery and customer satisfaction high, requires discipline and tools to analyze the information needed to meet the challenges of a growing business.


Industries Served

Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps. Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line.


Automotive components and assemblies are subject to performance evaluations according to industry standards.


The materials selection process and safety protocols rank aerospace among the most carefully regulated in industry today.

Coatings & Plating

Testing materials with a desired outward appearance and protection from corrosion, heat, abrasion, and chemicals.

Consumer Products & Toys

Industrial has enhanced our services to include the latest technology for testing toys and childrens products.

Oil & Gas

Our scope of work includes testing for structural fabrication, pressure systems and material selection.

Plastics & Composites

Physcial, mechanical testing, spectrometric and microscopic characterization that benefit our client’s product development.

Packaging & Plastics

For many years, Industrial has conducted field studies involving the public for the purposes of product screening.


Routine testing includes data collection for CMTR generation using mechanical, chemical and metallurgical techniques.


Our Process

Our consultants meet you on-site, evaluate your entire manufacturing ERP value chain, create a customized solution, and take your team through the process of implementation from start to finish. Here’s how we take your organization to the next level of productivity.


Meeting you on-site, our team will thoroughly evaluate your processes, production, and potential areas for growth. Specifically, we’ll focus on your scheduling, profits, purchasing, and bottlenecks.

Plan Creation

You receive a thorough report of findings that details where your organization wins, loses, and leaves itself exposed to risk. A comprehensive plan is created to help you hit your performance indicators, reduce delays, and increase revenue.

Conquer Deployment

We take the plan and put it into production, implementing software solutions, training, and reallocating resources to better serve your needs. Partnering in your success, we work in tandem with your executive team to carry you through the entire process.

Hypotheses like professors, when they are seen not to work any longer in the laboratory, should disappear.

― Henry Edward Armstrong
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